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10am-6am daily
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Allow us to provide you a stress-free experience at Pine Spa. By making an appointment with us early, we can better prepare for your visit and ensure that all is ready when you arrive.

  About Us
Research has found that mothers who stroke their baby's body in the first few weeks after birth may change the effects that stress during pregnancy can have on an infant's early-life development.

Here at Pine Spa we believe that even as adults the Sensation of Touch is not only therapeutic but can also help to relieve stress and restore a blissful balance in today’s high-pressure environment.

To help us to provide you an enjoyable visit, our Spa Policy is intended to ensure that all our valued customers get the treatment that they deserve.


To avoid disappointment and to help us prepare for your arrival, please make an appointment for your preferred treatment early and arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointed time.


There will be no penalties imposed for cancellations prior to appointed times. However, the Spa reserves the right to refuse appointments from customers who frequently cancel or ‘no show’.

Customer Particulars

As part of Singapore’s massage licensing requirements, customers are required to provide their full name, identity card number or particulars of passport / other travel documents, and nationality to the Spa. These particulars will only be used for the purpose of registration. Pine Spa regrets that we are unable to proceed with your treatment should you refuse to provide the required information.

Personal Belongings

Lockable cabinets will be provided to store your personal belongings during your treatment. However, customers are advised not to bring their valuables to the Spa and Pine Spa will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of your valuables during your visit.

Health Conditions

Please inform us of any pre-existing health condition that may affect your treatment. When in doubt, customers are advised to consult their physician before enjoying one of our treatments.

Accidents and Injuries

While all care is taken to ensure the safety and comfort of all our customers, Pine Spa shall not be responsible for any accidents, injuries or allergies suffered by our guests.

Privacy and Modesty

All body treatments will be carried out in private rooms and guest will be expected to wear the provided disposable undergarments during the session. As we serve both male and female customers, please refrain from wandering from common or your designated areas and always knock before entering a closed door.

To preserve the tranquility of the environment, please set your mobile phones and electronic devices to silent and kindly limit the volume of communication/noise during your visit.

Smoking, Food and Drinks

Please note that smoking is strictly prohibited within the Spa. In addition, guests are requested not to consume food or drinks that was not provided by the Spa within its premises.

No Rude or Indecent Behaviour

Pine Spa therapists and staff are all professionals who are committed to provide our guests with the best of service. However, Pine Spa reserves the right to refuse treatment or abort ongoing treatments if faced with rude or indecent behaviour. No refund will be given under such circumstances.


Prior to the commencement of any treatment, a full refund will be provided upon request. Once the treatment has commenced, a refund will be provided only if the Spa is unable to timely rectify any reasonable dissatisfaction expressed. In such cases and to prevent abuse, the Spa reserves the right to proportionate the refund according to the unconsumed portion of the treatment, minus consumables and an administrative fee.

As our service guarantee to our regular guests, a proportionate refund of unused credits against sale price, minus a 10% (of original sale price) administrative fee, will be given on request for package / membership sales.


Gratuities are not compulsory. However, if you are pleased with our service, a small token of appreciate will go a long way in encouraging our staff to maintain the highest standard of service.

Feedback and Suggestions

If we have done things right, please tell others about us. However, as our valued guests, you are encouraged to share any positive or negative experiences with us so that we may find ways to improve. At Pine Spa we take all your feedback and suggestions very seriously.